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Obtaining strong academic background on brand equity analysis and marketing management skill, Ace Xie has had plenty of working experience on various design projects, including graphic design, web design, exhibition design and so on. Xie provides extraordinary visual design and IT support for many companies of various kinds, services cover consultancy of information system, development and maintenance of company website, branding design and etc. Xie believes working closely with both marketing and communication teams could better integrate design into company’s brand image. So he works as an in-house freelance designer for clients as well.
Ace, Ace Xie, 谢达明, 广外, 广州, 伦敦, 设计师, Designer, XYCO, XY Collective, acexie
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May 2018


Graphic / Website

About This Project

Based on the special weather condition in the United Kingdom, Solamics Ltd  brought together over 12 years of Research & Development into the science of thermodynamic systems and leading heat pumps technicians to create the Bunsen Air hot water system.

In this project, Solamics requires an innovation on its brand image, which aims at create a more fashionable and modern image for the company, for better fit into its target market. Hence the website and the brochure are both re-developed.


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